Pet Insurance


What does an Insurance plan for your Dog and Cat mean?

Insurance for Dogs and Cats covers your vet bills when your furry family member gets hurt or gets sick. It is a very helpful financial aid for mom and dad to get the best veterinary care possible. It’s the same as wanting the best doctors available to treat you when you are sick or were in an accident. We usually spend around $34.000 during the lifespan of our dogs and around $28,000 during the lifespan of our cats without insurance.

We have designed these plans to keep your furry family member healthy and to keep mom and dad’s pockets full. Con kanguro siempre estas seguro!

Kanguro quickly reimburses you for your vet bills!

When your furry family member needs to go to the Vet, Kanguro has you covered. Since we’re always available in your pocket, just:

  • Visit any licensed vet including the one you already visit or any emergency clinics
  • Send us a picture of your vet bill via the kanguro APP
  • We’ll take care of the rest. As soon as your claim is quickly approved you will be paid up to our maximum 90% reimbursement option directly into your account.

Remember this is ultra-customizable to meet your furry family member’s needs, so you can basically build your own policy and pay for what you need .