Boat Insurance

11Do i need personal-use boat insurance?

 Boat owners know it’s in their best interest to protect their investments, their families, friends and fellow boaters. Maritime law states that a charter boat operator is liable for all damages deemed caused by negligence. No legitimate agency can cater to the preferred homeowner and not be prepared to insure all of the vehicles that the client owns. We have the boat insurance to protect all of your favorite toys.

The age of your boat, what your boat is used for and where you plan to operate your boat are all important variables to consider when choosing the right insurance coverage. Either individually or in a package, we stand ready to offer you the best combination of boat insurance in Jacksonville with coverage at a price you can afford.

If you own or operate a charter boat and need commercial boat insurance, we offer the following:

 * Hull and Machinery Insurance: collision, combustion and sinking damages to your vessel and for the engine, deck machinery and electronic components.

* Protection and Indemnity: covers payment to passengers for injuries or for damage to personal property they may have taken on your vessel.

* Shore Excursion Insurance:covers damages that a passenger may sustain while on a charter trip but not physically on your boat at the time of the injury or damage.

* Crew Coverage: covers injuries sustained by any crew member while performing duties.

If the boating season is short or long, insurance companies recognize that and offer less expensive rates and policies for the boating season. That way you can keep your policy in effect all year long, so when it’s out of the water and parked you still have coverage if a tree falls on it, the garage collapses, or in the event of fire, vandalism, malicious mischief, or theft and more.

There’s nothing like the freedom of the open water. From personal watercraft to cruisers, sailboats and more, we can help you get the coverage’s you’re looking for at great rates. Contact us today at (303) 477-4343